Case Facilities management Cares
as much as you do

Quality Assurance

Superior and Consistent levels of service across your portfolio

Transparent Results

Stay informed with Case Technology and rest easy knowing that the work was done right

Maintain Your Budget

Enjoy Cost Savings with an ethical conscientious professional

Quality Assurance

Our managers and supervisors draw on years of industry experience to provide you with a superior and consistent level of service across your entire portfolio. Whether you have a facility or thousands, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with unmatched quality and reliability of service.

Hybrid Service Model

Case’s hybrid service model incorporates self-performed and expertly managed services to provide the best solution for each individual site.

Service Partner Network

In our National service model, Case oversees a continually-growing Service Partner Network of over 10,000 fully-vetted small businesses with whom we create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. We may already be working with your sites’ favorite vendors, and if not, we would love to engage them!

Boots on the ground support

Case offers a unique additional layer of site-level support through our Field Supervisor team. Each site is assigned a Field Supervisor who is a direct Case employee, responsible for in-person monitoring of service quality and outfitted with all equipment necessary to directly perform service if needed.

Transparent Results

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

After years of working with third-party technology that fell short of the real needs of our industry and our clients, Case chose to make the investment, utilizing our extensive industry expertise to build our own integrated technology platform and service tracking app.

Improved Visibility

Our Case App is a simple to use, mobile-ready tool that allows our Service Partners to easily track their work onsite, providing complete service transparency.

Real-Time Updates

Our Heat Map provides a geographical overview of your full portfolio, updating instantaneously whenever service is logged in the Case App. Case can customize your view with filters by region, district, manager – you name it. Our user-friendly interface allows you to monitor, measure, and build improvement programs for service across all your sites.

The Case Client Portal

Everything comes together in our unique Client Portal, providing all your service data in one place. Rolling up from the Case App and Heat Map, all-important portfolio information is reporting back to you down to the most minute detail of each work order.

Case works with you to create your ideal user experience.

Customized reporting to share with your stake-holders, personalized views for each member of your team, complete service details and full accountability.

Maintain your Budget

It starts with finding the right contract structure for you.

Case learns about your service needs and challenges to present personalized contract options that balance quality and savings.

Then, it’s all about ethical & accurate billing practices.

Our in-house Data Analytics team provides meticulous oversight of all documented services and invoicing to ensure our client billing is fair and correct. We perform constant analysis of service logs, utilizing certified weather reports, standard industry practices, and our proprietary algorithms to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck, and that our service is always improving.

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